This is indeed a profound quote from Ibn Tahmiyyah (rahimullah): “If Imam Bukhari did not exist, Islam would not have been harmed”.

Some may find this quote strange but think about it…it shows the understanding of the people of Knowledge that Islam is far above personalities. That Islam is not dependent on personalities to protect it from being corrupted because this religion is indeed protected by Allah Subhana hu wa ta’ala.

Similarly, we see this in the understanding of the Salaf. We see that Umar (radiAllahu`anh) removed Khalid bin al-Waleed (radiAllahu `anh) from his post as the Army General as soon as he took over the Khilafah. Some have made up false stories about this but the main reason that`Umar (radiAllahu`anh) did that was because some companions were starting to think that they were winning all the battles because of Khalid (radiAllahu`anh), and forgetting that it is Allah who gives the victory to whomsoever He wills.

Wallahu ta’ala `alam