There is a huge project I have started, which could take several years to complete.  Just thinking about how long it would take me to complete is a huge turn off, but the benefits of working on this project are enormous.  After finishing about 1/30th of the entire project recently, I took a small break, but found that I wasn’t as motivated as I was before to continue my work.  However,  a statement of Abu Ja’far at-Tabari really gave me a boost recently.  The story goes that he asked his companions about writing the history of the world starting from Aadam (‘alayhis salaam) all the way to our times (referring to his time).  His companions asked, “And how long would it be approximately?”  Abu Ja’far at-Tabari said, “Around 3,000 pages.”  His companions’ replied saying:

هذا مما تفني الأعمار قبل تمامه

Abu Ja’far at-Tabari replied, saying:

إنا لله قد ماتت الهمم

And how true are the words of at-Tabari today.